Stock Report: Beached Fins Look to Swim Again vs. Bills

19 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) heading into battle with Bills.  (673.6, -54.1)




MIKE WALLACE (NYSE: MWALL) +2: In our last game, which we’d like to forget almost entirely, Wallace topped 100 yards. That qualifies him as one of the precious few risers from this steaming pile of pigskin action we watched for much of the Ravens game. When we make a conscious effort to throw to him, he puts up solid games. Here’s hoping he continues trending upward against Buffalo.

RESHAD JONES (NASDAQ: RJON) +2.5: A big, timely pick six for Reshad, who was shown the money in hopes that he’d make that exact kind of play. More please, Mr. Jones. The secondary must elevate their play.



TYSON CLABO: (NASDAQ: CLAB) -4: Where to start with the pass blocking on our beloved SoFlo Sea Mammals? Tyson isn’t getting it done. Our pass protection is a glaring hole, and we’re sacrificing goats to the football Gods daily in the hopes that it will keep Tanny off injured reserve.

JONATHAN MARTIN: (NYSE: JMART) -5: In fairness to Martin, he lasted as long as he did in the draft because the vast majority of the NFL didn’t see him as a left tackle at this level. Also in fairness to Martin, we saw plenty of him last year at the position in Long’s absence, and he graded out very poorly. So really is he at fault here, or the GM that went into the season thinking he’d be enough to protect the blind side of the most talented quarterback we’ve had since Marino? Which brings us to…

JEFF IRELAND: (NASDAQ: JIRE) -7.5: Our scoring defense has dropped from 7th last season to 20th in the league thus far. Our passing offense is 25th. Our rushing offense is 31st. Jeff owes his recent extension to Ryan Tannehill’s late game heroics, ’cause our numbers thus far tell a very different story. So far we’ve seen a worse defense, an offense stuck in neutral, and an o-line performing like a thinly-sliced Swiss cheese. Did we mention Reggie Bush is averaging 4.8 yards per carry and Jake Long is still grading out as a top 10 left tackle? Just throwing that out there.  That all being said, there is someone who’s making Jeff look worse than necessary.

MIKE SHERMAN: (NYSE: SHERM) -8: It’s so ironic that the guy most keenly aware of Ryan Tannehill’s physical ability is leaving him the pocket to be routinely murdered. You don’t have the blocking, Mike. Roll that handsome bastard out. Let the defense in and dump screens over them. Scheme for the shit-storm of an o-line you’re working with. Did everyone notice that the biggest play of the Ravens’ game, the one that nearly saved our blowholes, was Tannehill on the run, buying time for a target to come open and throwing a 46-yarder like it was nothing? Receivers tend to come open when you give ’em an extra moment or two. Hell, that was a big reason why Mike Wallace was so dangerous in Pittsburgh. Big Ben moved. He bought Mike that extra second, then found him for big plays. If you let Tanny do the same, we reckon their much discussed “chemistry issue” would clear up rather quickly. Oh, and Mike, enough with the Daniel Thomas already. It’s almost routinely a waste of a play to stick that ball in DT’s bread basket. At least with Miller there’s the faint hope of a game-altering play.





Baltimore is a prime candidate to battle us for a wild card spot, and they now hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. If we want to stay a game up on them, we have to take care of business against Buffalo. If we want to be discussed with the big boys, we have to beat the teams we’re supposed to beat. New England and Cincy are on deck, so let’s notch a “W” now before the going gets tougher. Bring the house against Thad Lewis. I want two sacks for Wake, and a pair for the youngster Dion J as well. And get this? Throw in 100+ yards for Lamar Miller. Buffalo is rocking the 28th ranked rush defense in the league. Don’t waste that on Daniel Thomas.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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