Stock Report as the Fins Hit Beantown

27 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) heading into Foxboro.  (596.4, -77.2)


RESHAD JONES (NASDAQ: RJON) +1.5: His second straight week on the riser list after a 10 tackle, 1 sack day. He’s been living up to his contract lately. Aim for Gronk’s forearm, Reshad. Not really. Well, maybe a little.

BRANDON GIBSON (NYSE: BGIBS) +3.5: Brandon has been a solid addition for the Sea Mammals, and came up big with a pair of touchdowns against Buffalo, and those 14 straight points gave us the lead.


MIKE SHERMAN: (NYSE: SHERM) -3: A sad quartet of 4th quarter possessions handed the game to the Bills, and sent us back to .500 after our great start. We were reminded, when Tanny hit Wallace on that bomb last Sunday, how rarely we’ve thrown deep this year. I assume we brought Wallace in for something. I assume we know that the NFL’s pass interference rule is perhaps the most punitive penalty in all of sports. Hell, the Ravens had a scoring drive against us that was 90% P.I. calls. Aside from that, we think Sherm has been a bit slow to adjust to our pass blocking woes and take advantage of Dr. T’s athleticism.

JONATHAN MARTIN: (NYSE: JMART) -5: The J-Mart left tackle experiment comes to a merciful end. Now he can concentrate on getting his mojo back at right tackle, where he was at least solid last season. Bryant McKinnie has been imported from the Ravens and will start at left tackle despite turning 78 years old last month. Our tackle situation is the glaring misstep of Ireland’s offseason spree, and it cost us hugely last weekend.

TYSON CLABO: (NASDAQ: CLAB) -10: Clabo’s on his way to the bench after getting manhandled by Mario Williams all day. The last sack cost us the game. Still miraculous that Ryan Tannehill hasn’t missed any time yet, with the beatings he’s endured.


And just like that the SoFlo Sea Mammals are back at square one. Only a win in traditionally cruel Foxboro can keep us from slipping into sub-.500 territory after our promising start. We’re left to start a benched tackle Bryant McKinnie on the blind side. Aside from quarterback, left tackle is the most dangerous position to gamble on in the NFL. Unfortunately Jeff Ireland entered the 2013 season rolling the dice at both ends of the o-line. This team needs a big win, a victory that will reset the tone going forward. Hopefully it’ll come today.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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