Dolphins Stock Report as the Fins Look to Blast Bucs

11 Nov

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as we take on Tampa.  (567.6, +69.6)




LAMAR MILLER (NASDAQ: MILL) +3.5: Not sure what else Lamar can do to convince the powers that be to keep Daniel Thomas on the pine. Sure he fumbled, but at the end of a run Thomas can only dream of ever pulling off. The more we run him, the more good things happen.

BRENT GRIMES (NASDAQ: GRIM) +4: Massive pick six in the Bengals game. Grimes has succeeded in reclaiming his pre-injury value, and is going to be paid in full this offseason, or perhaps before if Miami opens the wallet in time.


CAMERON WAKE (NYSE: CWAKE) +8.5: Only the third time in NFL history that a game has ended on a sudden death safety. Three sacks against Cincy for this beast, who fell into our laps from the Canadian Football League and became a star.





RICHIE INCOGNITO: (NASDAQ: NITO) -2: Too little is known at this point. As evidenced by footage of Richie and Mike Pouncey out at a bar, the culture of the locker room obviously allowed for some pretty horrific things to be said by the controversial guard. Not everyone is wired to speak that way, or hear such things without being impacted. Not everyone is wired to take teasing with a grain of salt. Clearly Jonathan Martin felt uncomfortable leveling with Richie, who is part of the team’s leadership council. That’s enough to get Incognito docked a little bit here, given what we do know.




Tonight will show a lot. Is this team going to circle the wagons, or spiral painfully down the pigskin drain? At 5-4 we’d be tied with the Jests for a Wild Card spot.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose



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