Where to Start with the Disappointing Dolphins?

11 Nov

On this day in 2012, the Miami Dolphins stood at 4-5. Today, a year and one well-publicized offseason spending spree later, the Dolphins find themselves with the exact same record.

A combined $172million in in contracts went to Hartline, Wallace, Ellerbee, Wheeler, and rookie Dion Jordan. Our total offense is 30th in the league this season, and our defense is allowing almost four more points per contest.

The best left tackle in Miami Dolphins history was allowed to walk out the door and sign with the Rams, a deal that included some lofty numbers, but also protected the Rams if Long succumbed to injury. Ireland flirted with the Chiefs about their Pro Bowler Branden Albert, but ultimately balked at their demand of a high second rounder for the 28-year-old. Much of the offensive line was left to chance. Left tackle was left to chance. Tannehill has paid the price ever since.

Daniel Thomas has continues to be a major part of this offense, despite averaging over a full yard less than backfield mate Lamar Miller. Mike Sherman has made remarkably little use of Tannehill’s legs, opting to keep him in a crumbling pocket rather than rolling him out, giving him the option to either run, buy his wideouts a few more seconds before slinging the ball, or throw it away, unsacked.

And of course there’s “Bullygate”. We don’t know everything yet. Truth be told the warts on this team were several before this offseason distraction. But here we are, minus two starters on the line, setting the record for the worst rushing game in franchise history. Miami could have circled the wagons tonight. We didn’t.

Ross has let Jeff Ireland captain the ship to nowhere. He let Ireland lead a coaching search that of course eliminated any candidates qualified enough to, well, fire Ireland. Bill Parcells yanked his golden parachute and got the hell out of town. Instead of boldly moving on, Ross grabbed onto Bill’s lackey Ireland like a floatation device.

Now it looks like another sunk season for the team we all love.

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One Response to “Where to Start with the Disappointing Dolphins?”

  1. scott mumley November 11, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    It frustrates the hell out of me that T-hill refuses to run.Is he scared to get hit? Howcome the coach isn’t encouraging him to run?There were at least half a dozen times that he could have easily got a first down or scored. They brag about how athletic he is but he doesn’t use his legs which would make him a better QB.Dumbfounding!

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