Fins Stock Report as Panthers Slink into Sun Life

24 Nov

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as the Panthers slink into Miami Gardens.  (511.7, +39.3)




OLIVIER VERNON (NASDAQ: OVER) +3: Don’t look now, but Vernon has 5 1/2 sacks on the year. Not bad, considering he hasn’t played every snap. Olivier led the Sea Mammals in tackles this week, with a key topple of Rivers.

CHARLES CLAY (NASDAQ: CLAY) +5.5: With Egnew still flopping around Davie, and Dustin Keller lost for the season, Clay has stepped in and at least made our TE situation respectable. His Bavaro-esque touchdown was huge, in a game sorely lacking big plays. He caught 6 of 7 targets for 90 yards. Efficient, productive, and sneakily dangerous. Glad to have Clay on board.

BRENT GRIMES (NYSE: BGRIM) +6: The longer we wait to extend him, the higher his price gets. To be fair, our front office is in limbo, so there may not be any big checks written out ’til that’s settled. How great has Grimes been? Great interception. Great job on Rivers’ prayer toss at the end of the game. He’s…kinda great.



PAUL SOLIAI (NASDAQ: SOLI) -3: Had to pick someone on the D-line and our run defense starts with big Paul. Ryan Matthews looked otherworldly against our defense. Our run D used to be a point of pride, but now ranks just 21st in the league. We’ll have to fix that if we hope to upset the Panthers. Lots of decisions to be made this offseason with both Starks and Soliai becoming free agents.



A win is a win, right? I host a fantasy football podcast with a huge Chargers fan, but strangely didn’t feel compelled to taunt him one bit after that sad, little contest. That being said, holy sh*% we’re in a wild card slot, at least tied for one with a team we play twice down the stretch. Aside from our own flaws, I worry most about the Ravens. I’ll actually be pulling for the Jests to upset Baltimore, which holds the head-to-head tiebreaker against us. If we even want to think about the postseason we’ll have to smack Rex Ryan and his boys in the mouth a couple of times anyway. First things first, a very good Carolina team is coming to town. The Chargers game righted the ship a bit. A win today would make us a story. In a good way. For once.


GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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