Stock Report as Shaky Fins Try to Ground Jets

1 Dec

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as Miami hits New Yawk.  (483.6, -28.1)


RYAN TANNEHILL (NYSE: TANNY) +1: We moved Dr. T more last week. We should have moved him more all along. Ryan may never be the pocket quarterback we so desperately want him to be. But was Elway? Is that what we remember about Elway looking back? 4 carries for 36 yards against the Panthers. In an ideal offense Ryan’s passing stats would be augmented by a rushing line like that or better every week.



OLIVIER VERNON (NASDAQ: OVER) +2.5: Vernon’s two takedowns of Cam Newton puts him at 7 1/2 sacks on the year. Undersized with a great motor, Olivier has been a huge surprise. Geno Smith ought to be extremely wary of the Wake/Vernon combo.

MIKE WALLACE (NYSE: MWALL) +3: Much has been made over the money we gave Mike Wallace in the offseason, and it has largely been a disappointing year. But make no mistake, there remains much “badassery” in those cleats. We saw it last week. We also don’t think it’s a surprise that rolling Tannehill out more helped with their connection. Better use of Tanny will result in better use of Wallace. Give him an extra second or two to burn guys deep and he will.




RISHARD MATTHEWS (NYSE: SHARD) -2: Matthews’ breakout game seems but a distant memory heading into Met Life Stadium. Rishard turned 7 targets into 2 yards last week, and we need more from him with the Jets’ stout run defense looming.

STEPHEN ROSS (NASDAQ: ROSS)-2.5: So, um, why isn’t Incognito playing while the investigation is being conducted? He didn’t go AWOL. He wants to be out there, his teammates want him back out there, and we’re still not sure what exactly Richie did. With as many criminal investigations and legal matters as there are facing God knows how many NFL players on active rosters, Incognito is gone for the year the second an alarming voicemail appears? “We take this matter seriously. We’re opening the doors to the NFL for an immediate investigation, and we’ll act on whatever they find out”. That’s all Ross had to say. He dished out a punishment as if he knew what happened, while simultaneously saying no one knows what happened. And you know what? That’s the exact wishy-washiness we’ve come to expect from him.


LAMAR MILLER (NASDAQ: MILL) -3: 10 carries for 8 yards. Ahhh yeeeeaaah. We know we know, our o-line is in shambles and Carolina has a strong defense. But you know, a broken tackle here and there would be nice. That simply isn’t Lamar’s game. So if he doesn’t have a hole, forget it. You know what would be nice though? What would give defenses fits if we did them worth a damn? Screen passes. Which brings us to —

MIKE SHERMAN (NASDAQ: SHERM) -6: You know, we showed glimpses of finally using Tannehill correctly, of finally admitting that he’s a square peg and shoving him into a round hole simply isn’t going to work. But this six point drop for our offensive coordinator is for our almost non-existent screen game this year. A well run screen is one of the prettiest plays in football. We have an o-line like Swiss cheese and a burner at running back. Screens over the heads of pass rushers could, no SHOULD be one of our greatest weapons. And it’s not like our sketchy o-line was a surprise really. We knew left tackle might be an adventure entering the year, and from what we seen screens should have been a bigger point of emphasis in camp. Aside from that, three trips to the red zone in that 2nd quarter and no touchdowns? You’ve got to punch it in against good teams when you have the chance.





We looked like closers early in the year, but we soon remembered how to collapse toward the end of games. Last week hurt a lot more than folks want to let on. Sure we can point out that we’re still right there in the mix with the other wild card hopefuls, but the Ravens are playing better football than us now. We blew one against them earlier in the year, and now they possess the tiebreaker. We’ve got four very winnable games remaining. Considering how many teams we’re tied with, today’s showdown is a must win. Hell, if we can’t beat the Jests, do we belong in the playoffs anyway?



GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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