Stock Report as Sea Mammals Swim into Steeltown

8 Dec

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as the Dolphins head into Pittsburgh.  (524.7, +41.1)


RYAN TANNEHILL (NYSE: TANNY) +3: His accuracy, especially in the pocket, can be hit and miss. Those stalled drives in the first half against the Jests were frustrating as hell. But ultimately a 330+ yard day, a pair of TDs, and a rating safely in the 90s has Dr. T firmly planted on our risers list.

BRIAN HARTLINE (NASDAQ: HART) +3.5: A vintage “ignore me and I’ll pile up catches” kind of day for Hartline last week. He was targeted 15 times, piling up a gaudy 9/127/1 stat line. The better Wallace plays, the more attention he’ll warrant. Hartline needs to keep producing as the second option if this offense hopes to keep moving.

OLIVIER VERNON (NASDAQ: OVER) +6.5: Vernon’s finally getting some national publicity after being named the AFC Defensive Player of the Week. A trio of sacks against New York, and O-Ver keeps on rumbling. Legitimate pressure opposite Wake was the reason we traded up for Dion Jordan. Ironically there may have been a “sack master” already on the 53.


MIKE SHERMAN (NASDAQ: SHERM) -2: An interesting article came out today about Mike Shula and Cam Newton. Carolina initially tried to dictate how Cam Newton would function in their offense. When it went poorly, they went back and looked at Cam’s college tape. Instead of trying to fit the square peg into a round hole, they began to mold their offense around Newton’s strengths. I can’t say we’ve had that same “a-ha!” moment in Davie yet. We’ve stubbornly kept our mobile, roll-out friendly QB in the pocket the vast majority of plays. Wasn’t that 6 possessions in Jet territory in the first two quarters, with only 6 points to show in the first half? Yeah, that’ll punch a ticket to Tumblerville for Sherm.


Good Lord it feels good to stick it to Rex and the Jests! Put up or shut up time for the Sea Mammals. A loss today and we don’t see how we make the postseason. The Ravens play the 3-8 Vikings this afternoon, and they hold the head to head tiebreaker against us. We had the luxury of playing, frankly put, the shittiest offense in football last week. If we waste possessions today, we’ll pay for it.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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