Stock Report as Fighting Fins Face Buffalo

22 Dec

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as the Dolphins as the Buffalo downpour awaits.  (654.1 +75.3)


MICHAEL THOMAS (NASDAQ: MTOM) +2: How wonderful was that? Thomas may never see the field again and his legend would be secure. Signed off a practice squad only to intercept a Hall of Famer at the end of regulation and perhaps punch our ticket back to the postseason? That’s some Hollywood stuff right there.

MIKE WALLACE (NYSE: MWALL) +8.5: Wallace brought the Sea Mammals to life last week with his run after the catch. We predicted 125 and a touch, and he was darned close. He’s been bagged on a little this season, as his contract was massive. Still, Wallace is at 900 total yards with two games to go. His quarterback is just now coming into his own and, at just 27, Wallace will be a great asset over the next few years.

RYAN TANNEHILL (NYSE: TANNY) +12.5: Last week could have been the moment, and Football Gods willing it was, that Miami’s next great sounded his barbaric yawp across the landscape of the great American gridiron for all to hear.  An aging Brady falling short, while an ascending gunslinger shot the Patsies down. It was stellar, and we hope just the start of things to come. Also worth noting that Tanny was kept in the pocket almost all day. It’s great to see him excel back there, but we hope we never forget the type of mismatches his athleticism creates.


No way in hell I’m listing a tumbler after a win like that.


Petrified of the weather in Buffalo. Dr. T has been slinging it so well, and we hate the idea of his arm being neutralized by driving rain and wind. We out-slug the Bills and we get the Jests at Sun Life for a trip to the playoffs. That smells like a party to us. But that party can only happen if we take care of business in Upstate New York.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


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