What the Fin? Dolphins Simplifying Things for Opposing Defenses

29 Sep

I almost feel guilty piling on during this week of understandable and mostly warranted venom being directed at our beloved SoFlo Sea Mammals, but I can’t hold back. Today, weighing heavy on this fan’s mind as he cries into his Mitchell and Ness Marino jersey? Why in the hell do we make things easier on opposing defenses?

In today’s NFL, throwing the deep ball is NOT about actually completing the damned pass. Okay, to a degree it is. However, have the Fins forgotten that pass interference is the most generous penalty in the game? Does it escape us that every week entire games are decided by P.I. calls? Have we also forgotten that making the defense respect the deep ball loosens things up closer to the line? Did we bring Kenny Stills in for his hair care tips? Send the man deep! Parker! Matthews! John Denney! Anybody! Wing that pigskin down the field. Between completing it, getting a pass interference call and loosening up the defense the benefits far outweigh the costs. Does the thought of getting picked off make you queasy? Boo hoo. Think of it as a punt. Well worth it to have an offense that can even be mistaken as dangerous. Perhaps the deep heave to Matthews Sunday will serve as a reminder to an offense that’s trying to survive in four yard chunks and failing miserably at it. Throwing it deep isn’t some horrific gamble. It’s an absolute must.

But wait, there’s more! I have never seen a team with this shabby a pass blocking unit run this few screens. Screens are the exact response called for when defenders are blowing through your line, preparing to feast on your quarterback like Turkey Day came early. RB chips, then spills out behind those overzealous defenders. One or two jail breaks on screens and defenders have to watch for it. Is there a more beautiful play in football than a perfectly executed screen? It’s certainly top three.

Lastly, the team has forgotten that the best we’ve looked was that stretch last year when Tanny was running for 40-50 yards a game. I’m tired of talking about his mobility and then watching our play calls do nothing to take advantage of it. He isn’t a great pocket quarterback. Fine. Well, wouldn’t it be great if he was a guy who played wideout for years, is a threat to break off 8-yard runs left and right, and throws well while moving? Oh wait, that’s exactly his skill set. The closest thing we did to a roll out resulted in a TD. The deep pass was thrown while he was on the run, and also resulted in a touchdown. Was that one a great throw? No. But he bought Matthews time using his legs and had a one on one situation that vastly favored the offensive player.

Not letting Ryan use his athleticism is even more glaring when our line can’t create a legitimate pocket for him. Why try to fit a square peg into a round, crumbling hole? Are we afraid our “investment” might get hurt if he runs? So we’d rather keep him upright and never sniff the postseason? Also, he’s just as likely to get hurt being battered in a shi**y pocket. Defenses should have to worry like hell about Tanny’s legs, and I guarantee you opposing coordinators are pleasantly surprised when we leave him in there like a statue all game.

This Philbin Era officially has a “feel” about it, a complete lack of testicular fortitude. Five-yard passes, gutless strategy (I’m still reeling from that punt from THEIR 38 against Jacksonville), a fear of risking what it takes to make big plays, to score points, to win. If you’re gonna win small-ball slug fests you’d better have Vince freakin’ Lombardi getting those guys to go to war. Our guys seem more ready to go on vacation.

And it’s only three games in.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose

One Response to “What the Fin? Dolphins Simplifying Things for Opposing Defenses”

  1. lostworlds1 September 30, 2015 at 5:19 am #

    Dan: in your comments above, it’s like a homeowner more concerned w/ mouse droppings than mice, that is, the reality behind these beached and reeking sea mammals’ drywall. Mixed metaphors? There are so many holes on this team that every opposing coach so far has identified and breached them w/o working up a sweat. When Washington and Jacksonville look like playoff teams you got yourself a lot of problems. Sorry to wake up those who listen to the press and announcers. There is a terminal lack of talent and depth — if you haven’t noticed it, get a seeing eye dog. Look at Buffalo: talent everywhere. Like Dick Steinberg’s late 70s Patriots. Loaded. Even walk-on QBs look like Brady against Miami. As for employing Tannehill’s athleticism, give the guy a break. He’s running for his life on every drop-back. You want him to run more? Sadly, this franchise has swum in the toilet since Huizenga and somehow seems worse w/ Ross. It’s dead, reeking from top to bottom. Let it relocate. Maybe Ross’ jet experiences deflategate on its tires taxiing off to London. Sob sob. Y’know, I so loathed Uncle Fester I rejoiced when Ross took over — idiot me. I hoped we were getting another Bob Kraft. We only got a circumcised Huizenga — don’t edit me, I am of Ross’ “tribe,” humiliatingly. Similarly, I hoped Hickey would cure the ineptitude of Ireland. He’s done worse than the highly disturbed Ireland. Hey, but no one else would work for Ross. Hmmm. As for Hickey, Coyle, parts counter mien Philbin — Erin Go Brach your ******* necks. Now the good news — a pal got me 8-1 Odds in LV that Dolphins won’t go 2-14. I’m already spending the money. Talent — we don’t no need ********* talent. P.S. I’ve followed Miami since 1976. I fought my addiction year after year since Shula was dumped, trying to find another team. I failed. Until now. I want them to lose. And so they shall. It’s all they know. They’re losers.

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