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Manning Mania Has Makings of Mirage

6 Mar

This isn’t the surefire Hall of Famer. This isn’t the Super Bowl MVP. This isn’t the same Peyton.

If the Colts, with a fan base flush with Manning jerseys, are willing to yank the plug on him it speaks volumes. That’s even without hearing reports saying he’s not there yet, and having trouble making all the throws. It’s a backwards-looking direction, and such choices are rarely winning moves.

Agonizing for our SoFlo Sea Mammals, who have, along with all of us of course, endured a horrific post-Marino hangover. The idea of snagging a few stellar bonus years out of Peyton is alluring. This was the #5 scoring defense in football. The cupboard on offense is far from bare as well. If we could lock in a maestro for this offense, we would immediately be a playoff contender.

But there are of course a few directions to go in the search for that maestro. If the Dolphins’ “spidey sense” is tingling about RGIII, few would blame them for betting the house on him. Perhaps another rookie has caught our eye, one that should be available when our pick rolls around, or lower if we trade down?

Then of course there’s Matty “Bang Bang” Flynn. We believe he will be the next starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. We’ve been way too quiet about him. If you’re Joe Philbin, heading into your first ever job as a Head Coach in the National Football League, your worst nightmare is a quarterback who can’t run your offense. What a happy coincidence that you’ve had a several season head start in prepping Flynn to run that offense. Couple that with his performances in live action, and it makes far too much sense. We love him. We think he’s smart. We think he’s got swagger. He may not be the prototype 6’4″ poster boy, but we believe he would put this team in the end zone. And of course there’s the bonus of being able to use our 1st rounder at another need position (DE/OLB or RT perhaps).

Or of course we could try option 3, whipping a few more good years out of the old horse Peyton. We could grab a QB in the 2nd or 3rd to groom behind him. We would of course be curious to see if he had anything left in the tank. However, misfiring on this would set the franchise back a few years. Ask yourself, does Philbin have that luxury in his first ever stint as an HC?

We don’t think he does. We hope, and indeed we think, that the Sea Mammals will make the hit-the-ground-running choice. There are rookies, and the learning curve that almost always needs to be navigated. There’s a stud veteran who’s now failing physically and turning 36. Then there’s a 26-year old with very little wear on his arm, who knows the offense like the back of his hand and has already excelled (granted, a small sample size) against live, NFL action.

Of course it ain’t our call, but at the stroke of midnight on March 13th we’d be throwing a boatload of sand dollars in Matt Flynn’s direction.

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An Offseason Without Tags Could Be Free Agent Frenzy

3 Feb

The NFL is saying that it’s okay for teams to hit players with franchise and transition tags before the CBA expires. The NFLPA is saying that these tags would govern players for the 2011 season, and therefore cannot be honored.

This is a massive disagreement. If tags are disallowed, the result could potentially be the greatest free agent frenzy in league history. Without the ability to lock transition and franchise folks, those coveted players would instead be free to shop their services without hindrance. A stud migration could ensue.

Still, there’s a long way to go between now and then. It’s questionable whether owners would break rank and start signing would be franchise players away from other owners.

But tonight anyway, The Bottlenose will dream of Peyton Manning faking the handoff to Deangelo Williams, staring down The Beast, before hitting Vincent Jackson in the corner of the Sun Life end zone.

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Should Dolphins Trade Up for a QB?

29 Dec

Again, it’s too early to know exactly where the “Big Four” QB prospects will land once they’ve been put under the microscope. However, there look to be about 8 teams ahead of us in the draft who could very well use a signal caller. The distinct possibility exists that the quarterbacks worth taking that high will be gone daddy gone by the time we hit the clock.

So, assuming we are in the market for a top QB, could we trade up? Or more importantly, should we? The Bottlenose thought it would be interesting to look at the QBs we theoretically could have moved up to draft in recent history.

This is every quarterback taken before the SoFlo Sea Mammals picked, in every draft since 1994. We chose that year as the point at which we first may have seriously considered grooming someone as Marino’s replacement.

Heath Schuler
Kerry Collins
Steve McNair
Ryan Leaf
Peyton Manning
Cade McNown
Daunte Culpepper
Donovan McNabb
Tim Couch
Akili Smith
Chad Pennington
Michael Vick
Joey Harrington
Patrick Ramsey
Josh McCown
Carson Palmer
Byron Leftwich
Kyle Boller
Rex Grossman
Eli Manning
Ben Roethlisberger
Alex Smith
Matt Leinart
Jay Cutler
Vince Young
Jamarcus Russell
Matthew Stafford
Mark Sanchez
Sam Bradford
Tim Tebow

That’s 30 names. I’d say about 8 difference makers. Too early to judge the youngest guys. A handful of middle of the road guys. At least 12 busts.

Drafting is clearly not an exact science. But trading up in round one is even more risky, as you’re giving up so much to climb in that sacred territory. You’ve got to believe in the guy you’re getting that much more. People believed in Heath Shuler with all of their hearts. And Al Davis seemed willing to go to the grave with Jamarcus Russell.

If the Dolphins want to pay the price to climb up this April and take a gunslinger, they’ll most likely be putting a lot of chips on the table. And guessing wrong could set us back in a big way.


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